Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 2 in 23 Things blogland

Wow! 161 squares on the progress chart filled in already.

I didn't get the rush of blogs I expected at the start of this week and thought that maybe mass coyness had broken out in the library. Turned out that everyone's messages were going to the spam filter for .

By Friday morning of week 2, there are 36 blogs registered.

A definite feline flavour is discernable - casbeecat , Cataplexis , catapult, Meer Cat Musings ... a freaky looking cat picture on scritty's soap opera - perhaps it was just looking menacingly at Goucho Marx's Dog. Maybe all these cats is what led someone to declare: I'm not a crazy cat lady..... yet.

There's been a bit of blog pimping happening - with a blogroll added to the sidebar on IT DEPENDS, some colour therapy at Too Near Too Far and a very attractive experiment with a blog at, Kaleidoscope World .

People have jumped straight into Thing 12 and uploaded images (yes, you can tick that one off on the chart). You can see why Colour chose the blog name, Uluru at 23things&sue , a handdrawn seahourse at wildgoose, an author photo at Gwyn the Geek, a beautiful reminder of what is important at Terri's Space , and a very scary photo on theflybrarian 's first post.

Although the theflybrarian was declared a guru on the progress chart, it may well be that catapult will buzz round as well for some image uploading help.

A common theme in blogs like Anne at Rockingham is being excited by the programme and looking forward to the next steps. Although some people like DEALT and Up, Up and Away also feel a little guilty about playing at work. Some people reflect on this type of programme is not really their thing, but they are interested to see where it goes - landscape, , madam butterfly and Zoester .

Some folk have completed this week's post, which is to list goals, obstacles and toolkit. The post was added to scritty's soap opera because she was inspired by the list on 23things&sue. If you browse blogs like In Black and White, Cataplexis , Book and a Hammock and Vader Zim: a perfectly normal human earth child you'll see that the common theme is needing time, and finding supportive people.

It's interesting to see people reflect on their learning styles - Is this the way to go? and wildgoose . I particularly liked wildgooses' musing that they learned from the 71/2 habits about:

... considering obstacles as opportunities - you know, when life's right on
that edge and about to slip over into *overwhelming* if something goes slightly
awry... Then lo and behold, it does... "Argh!! Obstacles!! Sorry world, now it's
all too much." But then little LifeLongLearner mind says "hey girl, that aint no
obstacle, that's a *learning opportunity*" - so that can mean the difference
between hiding under the desk/doona/front verandah a while, and finding the
energy to learrrrn my way through it.

For some people, a short and sweet post indicates that they made it - and have a blog - Pat's blog , podponderings, Reginas rant , sarah , sue's blog , Natalies blog , julies ,

A couple of people have understood that blogging is about conversations - with zen of zens' place asking for feedback about where to take overseas visitors to W.A, and callmesir hoping to receive Chocolate recipes.

If you enjoy people's reflections of what they read, and need a break from the 23 Things you can dip into Book and a Hammock or Recently Read

Sounds like one big learning conversation to me.

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