Friday, September 14, 2007

Thing 5: Tracking your progress on the wiki

THING 5. Learn to track your progress on the passworded Murdoch University 23 Things wiki.

Why? So you can see your progress.

A wiki is an easily edited web page that can be fixed easily if it gets stuffed up. You will learn more about wikis in Week 6.

When you signed up, your name was added to a table in the Murdoch University 23 Things wiki. This progress chart, although on the internet, can only be accessed by people with the password that was mailed to you at the start of Week 2.

Screencast is here, Tracking your progress on the wiki
Step by step instructions are below


To track your progress:

  1. Go to the Murdoch University 23 Things wiki

  2. Enter the password

  3. Enter your name and your gmail address

  4. Do not tick the "notify me of changes" unless you want to receive an email every time someone updates the wiki. (Remember that some people will have this ticked and will see your edits). If you accidentally tick this, go back to the wiki, select "log out" from the top right hand corner and then log back in again with it unticked.

  5. At the front page, select Progress Chart

  6. Find your name on your branch's chart.

  7. Select the Edit Page button. It's OK - you can't break it and if it looks like you have, the page can be set back to how it was before you touched it.

  8. If someone else is editing the wiki, you will be locked out until they have finished or 15 minutes is up. A message will appear on your screen to let you know.

  9. Indicate you have finished the task either by entering the date, or a smiley to indicate how you felt about the task.Select SAVE.

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