Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thing 8 - Create and share a google document

Thing 8 - Create and share a google document
Why? Sharable documents wherever you are

Your task: Create a google document listing your 3 favourite movies, books or songs and share it with another participant. Ask them to add their 3 favourites to the list.

1. Log into gmail
2. Click on documents (third option from left at top)
3. New > document (or try a spreadsheet if you want to get fancy)
4. Enter your favourite movies, books or songs (historical monuments, holiday destinations, chocolate recipes, catalogue records - whatever). Play with formatting if you'd like.
5. Select share
6. To find someone to share with, check the progress wiki for gmail addresses (address must be gmail) or ask someone what theirs is, or use .
7. Enter the email address of your collaborator.
8. In the message, ask the collaborator to add their favourites to the list and to email your gmail address when it's complete.
9. Select "send"
10. Click on "Docs home" or close the window.

Check out zoho and make a comparison between this and the google suite.
Or - Check out google maps and create an interactive map to embed into your blog or wiki.

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