Friday, September 14, 2007

Thing 4: Set up a blog using blogger

THING 4. Set up a blog using blogger.

Why? To reflect on what you are learning and take part in conversations online.

Your own blog is where you will record your thoughts, discoveries and exercises in the Murdoch University Library 23 Things. We are using blogger, which is owned by google.


Screencast is here, Setting up a blog using blogger

Step by step instructions are below.


1. Your blog should be work friendly. For the next 11 weeks there will be work related content on it and your co-workers may read it. After this, it doesn't have to be about work, but readers should be comfortable reading it at work.

2. Your blog posts should be at least 100-150 words each week - we'd like to have a conversation and the more you post, the better the conversation will be.

3. How you identify yourself on your blog is your choice. You can blog under a screen name, anonymously, or as yourself.

Use your gmail account to email the name and URL of your blog to Kathryn - libkat at Let her know who you are so that she can track your progress . She will add it to the list of blogs on the Participants' blogs post. The list will feature only the blog name and a link.

Let her know if you want your blog listed next to your name on the passworded wiki.

Create your blog using or instead. It is as simple to create as a blogger blog, but there is much, much more you can do with it if you tweak a bit.


1. Log into gmail. Got to More and then select Blogger from the dropdown list.

2. You'll be taken to this screen, click on "Create blog now"

3. Select a display name.

4. Name your blog and choose an address.
The name is the title that displays at the top. For example, Bobbi's Thoughts or Bobbi's Babbling Your address is the URL people will type into go to go your blog. They do not have to match. You can change the title at any time, but not the URL.

For example your address could be
It may be hard to find an address that's available, so you may have to try several and use the "check availability" button

Be sure to record your blog address for yourself.

5. Select a template. You can tweak this and change the colours and what is on the sidebar later on.

6. You're ready to start blogging! Create your first post, even if it's just a test post.

7. To edit your blog, log into gmail and select MORE > Blogger.
Click on New Post to create a new post. Or on Posts to edit some posts. Or Settings. Or Template.

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