Friday, October 19, 2007

Thing 10 : Compare searching on tagged sites with other sites

Why? To find more precise search tools

Enter the same search term (eg. "Library 2.0") in the searchbox at the following sites. Compare the results and blog about it.

  • - popular social bookmarking site. User tagged (search without quote marks).

  • Connotea - "Free online reference management for all researchers, clinicians and scientists". User tagged .

  • CiteULike - "a free online source to organise your academic papers". User tagged.

  • Murdoch University Library catalogue subject search - Taxonomy.

  • google - Keyworded.

  • dogpile - compiles searches from many search engines. Keyworded.

  • zuula - compiles searches from many search engines. Keyworded.

  • kartoo - outputs sites visually as a series of "maps". Keyworded with interelationship of terms shown.


This clip shows what happens when information is digital, so it is no longer stored in just one place and everything is keyworded - Information R/evolution. It is from Michael Wesch at the centre for Digital Ethnography at Kansas State University.

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