Friday, October 26, 2007

Thing 14 - Generate an image to describe your progress

Why? Create an engaging message people want to read

Use an image generator and create an image to describe your progress with the 23 Things so far. Embed the image in your blog.

For inspiration, here are some images generated by the original "Learning 2.0" participants at PLCMC.

Make your own clipart like this @

Here's some instructions for

    1. Generate your image and the scroll down to the "Get HTML" link.

    2. When the page displays, find the embed code and put your cursor on it.

    3. Use (CTRL) A to select all the code

    4. Use (CTRL) C to copy the code (or however you usually do it)

    5. Go to your blog and create a new post. On the "Edit Html" tab, paste in the code.

Make your own clipart like this @


The “Generator blog” has heaps of ideas - .

Googling “image generators” works well, as does adding a term like “church sign” or “tattoo” or "postit" .

Check out JibJab , where you can upload a picture of someone's face and make clips of them dancing - like this one I made of Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey .

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