Friday, November 2, 2007

Things 15 and 16 Facebook - join, profile, friends and group

Thing 15: Join Facebook and add a profile

Why? 48 million people are there. Find out what it is about.

Thing 16: Add at least 3 friends and join a Facebook Group

Why? To understand how a social network works


I've made a 4 minute screencast for this exercise Facebook 23 Things. It is very pacy, so I suggest you first watch it all the way through. Then play it, pause it, do the bit just described, play a bit more, do that bit etc.

The screencast shows you how to do more things than the exercises require. Those that are part of the exercises are marked with a * .

  1. * Join

  2. * Create a profile

  3. * Search for a friend

  4. * Add a friend

  5. * Look at a friend's friends to find friends

  6. * Accept friendship

  7. * View a friend's' profile

  8. *Join a Facebook group

  9. Write on a friend's wall

  10. Add a Facebook Application


Write on a friend's wall or Add a Facebook Application. Play a game of scrabble with someone using Scrabulous - just once from work.

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