Friday, November 2, 2007

Thing 17,18 Twitter - Join, friends, tweet for a week

Thing 17. Create a Twitter account and add some friends.
Why? To understand how 24/7 connection changes communication and collaboration online

Please do Things 15 and 16 before this one by following the Facebook screencast.

Create account
Joining twitter is just the same as joining Facebook, except you don't have to go to your email and click on a link to verify your membership.

It is important that once you have joined, you go to Settings (top right corner) and select "Protect my updates". This means that only people you have allowed to "follow" you can see your updates.

Find Folks
Use the "Find Folks" search box in the green sidebar to search for the user "libkat" or go straight to her profile page: . Select the grey "follow" button under her photo.

Look at the green sidebar on her profile page and you will see pictures of her friends. Mouse over each image to see the person's name. Like we did with Facebook, click on some of libkat's friends to add them as your friends.

Remember to check your gmail account in case someone has added you as a friend. This will also display on your sidebar as "2 new follower requests".

Thing 18. Tweet at least once a day for five days between Monday 19th - Friday 23rd.

Why? To see twitter in action - it's the only way to "get" it.

Mon 19th - Friday 23rd is Twitter week. Twitter only really works when it has critical mass. Please tweet at least once a day and share something work related that you are doing. If you can't do it that week, you may try it another week.

Enter text in the box under "What are you doing?" and select "update".


  • Add a picture to your profile.

  • Work out how to "Direct message" someone.

  • Do some googling about to find out what the @ sign at a start of your tweet does.

  • Keep twittering

  • Watch this video by librarian David Lee King about software people have written to do crazy things with twitter. i r fluffin yr twitterz: or, Twitter, part 2: the "fluff"

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