Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thing 9: Create your own wiki using PBwiki

Thing 9: Create your own wiki using PBwiki
Why? Easy to manage website where you can work with others

Your wiki could be about anything you want. Each page can only be a few sentences if you'd like. To give you an idea, here's my example wiki, libkat .

Here's some theme ideas:

  • Document something you do in your job that others would have to know if you won lotto and had to leave work for a life of luxury.

  • A page about a hobby or passion

  • Plan a holiday and link to useful accommodation sites, places of interest, an itinerary etc

  • Collaborate with another participant to make a wiki together

  • Make a page linking to sites you visit often for 23 Things and add to it in the next few weeks (eg. 23 Things blog, refdesk blog, your own blog, other participant blogs you read)


1. Create a public wiki using PBwiki. Ensure that people can see it on the web. They will only be able to edit it if you give them the password. The instructions at the site are very clear.

SCREENCAST: Richard Marchessault has made a two minute screencast, Creating a PBwiki site, which is accessible at the Atomic Learning PBwiki - Wiki workshop page. It is screencast 3 in Part B - choosing and setting up a wiki. The other screencasts tell you about other features of wikis in general and of PBwiki in particular.

2. Use Edit to change the front page and replace what is there. (You need to do this to complete the task)

3. Not essential, but very useful to try:
3.1 Insert one link to an external web site in your page. (Atomic Learning PBwiki - Screencast 1 in Part C Working with PBwiki)

3.2 Make one more wiki page linking off the front page. ( Atomic Learning PBwiki Screencast 5 and 6 Part C Working with PBwiki)

Try creating a wiki at one of these fee wiki sites: Wikispaces, Wetpaint , SeedWiki, Netcipia , StikiPad, Moinmoin .

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